“When other kids in my neighbourhood were outside playing ball games, I was hard at work doing and operating multiple side hustles”.
-  Anne McKevitt

Anne McKevitt says: “For me, being in business is like breathing oxygen. It’s what has excited and driven me almost every day of my life since childhood. When neighbourhood kids were outside playing ball games, I was either dreaming up or operating multiple side hustles.”

Anne’s business career started at the age of seven, delivering milk before primary school. Two years later, she also had a newspaper round, but quickly delegated the work to other children and managed “her delivery team.” At the age of 12, she decided to diversify and launched her first business while still managing the newspaper team. Anne designed, made and sold jewellery to other girls at her high school. She realised she could double the price by customising necklaces for her friends with the addition of a unique stone to each one. Her profits soared.

At the same time, Anne added another income stream to her ventures, working in a convenience store after school and at weekends. She managed a team of teens, ordered stationery products and gifts and served customers. Every Saturday, Anne was solely responsible for cashing the day’s takings and crosschecking payments against the till roll. All of this, while just 13 years of age.

These early and humble beginnings gave Anne a huge appetite to learn more about business. She left school at 15 without sitting any exams. With the money she had saved from her childhood jobs, she left her troubled home and headed to London and started her first professional career in the fashion world. Tremendous opportunities and incredible business successes followed quickly from there.

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