“At 53 years of age, the principles I believed in during my 20s still hold fast with me today—that a life unlived is a waste of life”.
– Anne McKevitt

Anne McKevitt’s rules for a good life are:

Fully engage in life with enthusiasm. Always search for new pleasures and challenges to test your abilities and engage your mind.

Know what the hell is happening in the world. Don’t be one of those people with no idea what’s going on in the news or who is oblivious to world cultures and global events. Keep up to date with politics and social changes.

Treasure your friends and family. Both need nurturing and dedicated time. This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re in a similar situation to Anne, who lives 10,000 miles from many of the most important people in her life.

Be kind. Kindness is the trait Anne values most. Be kind to others and yourself. Don’t assume everyone has your strength of character or has been dealt the same hand as you. Life can be unfair, unjust and unlucky for some. Be compassionate because we never know other people’s full story.

Be a responsible human being. Know what part you play in the advancement or degradation of the state of our planet. Every choice you make, small and large, has an impact.

Lastly, learn to master yourself. Resist the weaker side of your personality and own who you are. It can be a daily battle to subdue the negative thinking that impedes a healthy, happy and successful existence. Self-mastery requires being ruthless with yourself to win the daily internal negotiations involved in taking actions that will be most beneficial for you.