Anne is a huge advocate of exercise to keep the body and mind functioning at their peak. She believes it has played a crucial role in her many successes.

As a child, Anne didn't sit still for long. She was always participating in sports, doing long and short distance runs, hurdles and long and high jump as a member of her local athletics club. She also played competitive badminton and squash, but it was gymnastics where she excelled the most. From the moment she saw the Soviet Union's Olga Korbut on TV performing at the 1972 Olympics, Anne was utterly hooked. She trained hard and was soon competing around Scotland.

Today, Anne's choice of movement is the same as it has been for the past three decades – yoga, swimming and walking. In recent years, she has added weights and indoor rowing. Each day Anne starts her morning with a 5K walk along her local beach followed by a 10-minute jog and a 1.5K swim.

During the winter, she loves cold water swimming wearing only a bikini, gloves, boots and neoprene hat to stop her head and extremities from going completely numb. She says: "Swimming in freezing cold water for precisely 29 minutes each day is a massive internal negotiation. I have a mental conversation with myself, where one half of me looks forward to the swim and the other half chips in with 'let's not bother this morning, it's way too cold.'

"Ultimately, no matter how long the internal conversation goes on, I always do the swim. It strengthens my willpower, cements my resilience and rubber stamps my determination. Nothing is as invigorating as a cold water swim, and every one I complete feels like a great achievement."