Anne McKevitt spearheads her client’s needs including—driving customer acquisition, retention and real ROI.

Anne McKevitt has extensive experience as a one-on-one tactical brand building advisor to a small, elite group of results-driven A-List individuals, influential business leaders and fast-paced and visionary entrepreneurs. She does this through MDPC Global, the world's leading brand-building consultancy firm she founded 14 years ago. 

MDPC global is a team of agile problem solvers who are passionately committed to building our clients' businesses through the intersection of insight, data and high touch relationships. MDPC Global team members are uncompromising on quality, leveraging their unique position to help clients establish genuine strategic partnerships, branded content and authentic engagement platforms.

As CEO and lead advisor, Anne McKevitt spearheads her clients' needs, which encompasses driving customer acquisition, retention and expansion and demonstrable ROI. Anne supports and guides each client to enhance their existing endeavours or to build new businesses around their identities. During the past year, MDPC Global has worked on client projects worth $5 million to $31.5 billion.

In 2020, Anne will be launching two new ventures:

SheSuccess to advance and enhance women's careers in entrepreneurship and the corporate world.

A business advisory dedicated to helping vegan business owners launch or grow their brands.

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Are you interested in discovering more about Anne’s soon to launch business advisory exclusively for vegan orientated businesses? If you are, register your interest here.